Sponsor a Downtown Flower Basket!

Sponsor a Downtown Flower Basket!

Board Thoughts

pictures of flower baskets downtown

Keep Downtown Centralia Beautiful!

Spring is in the air and you can help ring in the spring by sponsoring one of our gorgeous downtown flower baskets to highlight the beauty of downtown and to help make it a more welcoming space for employees, shoppers, and visitors. You can sponsor a single basket or a block of hanging baskets.

Your sponsorship will cover the cost of planting and maintenance. These beautiful baskets are brought to you by Downtown Centralia’s own Pioneer West Garden and Pet Center, and are pesticide free.

Ways to sponsor…

To sponsor one or more flower baskets, send a check to the Centralia Downtown Association at 328 N Tower Ave, Centralia 98531, or use the handy Paypal button below!

  • Dazzling = $75 (1 Basket)
  • Radiant = $375 (5 Baskets)
  • Luminous = $700 (10 Baskets)
  • Resplendent = $1000 (15 Baskets)

Join us and keep Centralia in bloom!
Centralia Merchant Academy

Centralia Merchant Academy

Board Thoughts

Mission Accomplished!

We wrapped up the Merchant Academy a little over two weeks ago. Since then, the CDA Board has received some really positive feedback and we are excited to keep the conversation going.

There are so many to thank for making this idea a reality. First and foremost, Jennifer Krueger. While I am sure that the CPD is sad to lose her as a Community Service Officer, it makes me so happy that she has joined the downtown merchant community. She is a positive force in our downtown and none of this would have happened without her. Please join me in supporting her in her new endeavor, owner and operator of Across the Street Antiques at 113 N Tower! Thank you to Chief Nielsen for handing this idea over to Jennifer and letting her run with it and thank you for getting the rest of your team involved. Thank you to all of the CPD Officers that volunteered their time to this effort – Commander Denham, Sergeant Clary, Officer Sims, Officer Slotnick, and Commander Fitzgerald. Thank you to Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Meyers, and City Attorney Shannon Murphy-Olson. And thank you to Kyle Dennehy from Cascade Mental Health. Thank you to Jack Brandt for being a part of the dreaming to make this happen and the execution. We appreciate all of the time that each of you committed to making this a reality. And last, but not least, thank you to our downtown merchants and residents. You guys make me proud to be a part of this community.

Even though I was involved in the development of the academy, there were still so many things that I learned. For one, Reserve Office Sims sounds like a wookie when he gets tazed, and Commissioner Fund is no joke. You have to love a government official that will get tazed in public. And the Chief, Jennifer and Jack should never be allowed to scheme together. You guys aren’t funny.  Ok fine..maybe a little funny.

But I think my most eye opening experience came from some of our attendees. Our Centralia Timberland Library is full of superheros! Those ladies and gentlemen are not only curators of literature, they are stewards of our community. The work they do with and for our homeless population really blows me away. The people that work at our library make me want to be a better person. (And yes, I promise I will go get my library card very soon!)

So what next?

Keep it going! Come to our next CDA General Meeting (6PM at the Oly Club Green Room) and share what’s happening downtown. During the Merchant Academy, we identified some areas we can work on as a community, specifically doing a better job of sharing what is happening downtown to make sure we are all safe and secure. If you have any concerns or anything to share, there will be an opportunity at the start of the meeting. You can always find information on our next meetings on the Meetings & Minutes page.

Come to the Citizens Academy. If you liked the Merchant Academy and you want to dive deeper, join me and sign up for the Citizens Academy. It starts March 5th and runs for eight weeks. There are all kinds of interesting things we didn’t do like ride alongs and trips to the range.

Keep up with the CPD. Like and follow the Centralia PD on Facebook.

Volunteer for National Night Out. If you are interested in paying back the effort, Jennifer is looking for volunteers to help with National Night Out in August. Last year was amazing, let’s help her make it even better this year!

Get a library card! Ok, maybe that next step is just for me…

Thanks all!
Tory Graf
Centralia Downtown Association

Downtown in 360 Degrees


NEW! Explore places to eat and drink in 360 Degrees!

Centralia 360 Virtual Walking Tour

The Centralia Downtown Association Board of Directors is proud to announce that we have kicked off development of a 360 degree virtual tour of downtown Centralia. This project, funded by City of Centralia Lodging Tax funds and in part by CDA member dues, is designed to provide an interactive and engaging view into downtown with the goal of attracting new visitors. The tour will include an interactive 360 degree tour, a printable walking tour, and videos that will showcase our unique history and exciting current events. Over the next five months, the CDA will be engaging with local businesses to make this amazing project happen.

Exterior Photo Shoot Complete!

On Sunday, August 27th , we completed the exterior photo shoot. A very special thanks to our local classic car owners for bringing their beauties to be a part of the photo shoot. The photos will be available before the end of September. Stay tuned for more updates!

Interior Shoot In Progress

If you are a member business, click here to request a date/time to shoot the interior of your shop. If you are not a member business and want in, email us at centraliadowntownassociation@gmail.com.

Meet the Team!

The following people have signed on to help with the development and execution of this project:

  • Jan Rockwell-Nontell: 360 Committee Chair
  • Dawn (Lawson) Merchant
  • Kristina Vrooman
  • Jay Ryan
  • Edna Fund
  • Tory Graf

Learn More!

If you would like to learn more, check out these resources and get involved!

We would love to hear from you! Share your questions and comments here!

2018 LTAC Grants


City of Centralia Lodging Tax grant applications due August 23rd.

The CDA Board would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for our LTAC grant application! In the last board meeting, one suggestion that had a lot of support was the creation of a Visitor’s Center in the train station. Do you have any other great ideas? Use the comments below to share.

Just as a reminder, the focus of LTAC grants is increasing visitors from greater than 50 miles from Centralia. Visit the city’s website for more information.

Thanks in advance for your time!

2017 Work Plan


CDA MEMBERS: The Promotions and Design Committees request your input.

According to the approved 2017 Work Plan, there is budget designated for tourism advertising and improved wayfinding.  Several suggestions have been made in Board and Committee Meetings, and your thoughts and input would be appreciated as these impact you all directly.

ADVERTISING: The goal of this budget is to promote Centralia as a tourist destination. Suggestions to date include:

  • Run a half-page ad in a travel magazine such as NorthWest Travel.
  • Run newspaper ads in local papers outside of Lewis County.
  • Run radio ads at radio stations outside of Lewis County.
  • Run a half-page ad in the Amtrak OnTrak magazine and offer discounted train travel.
  • Boost Facebook posts.
  • Repurpose the budget to sponsor the Christmas Market in the way that the CDA sponsors Antique Fest

WAYFINDING: The goal of this budget is to improve the wayfinding to and around downtown. Suggestions to date include:

  • Create a billboard near Great Wolf Lodge to inform visitors of our historic downtown.
  • Add signage on Harrison and Main to direct users exiting the freeway to our historic downtown. (there is currently signage from the Mellen Street exit.)
  • Add signage on I5 from the north and south. (There is existing signage.)

Please use the comments below to provide your feedback and additional suggestions. This will be a topic for discussion with the general membership in our next General Meeting on Monday, August 21st.

Thanks in advance for your time!