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CDA MEMBERS: The Promotions and Design Committees request your input.

According to the approved 2017 Work Plan, there is budget designated for tourism advertising and improved wayfinding.  Several suggestions have been made in Board and Committee Meetings, and your thoughts and input would be appreciated as these impact you all directly.

ADVERTISING: The goal of this budget is to promote Centralia as a tourist destination. Suggestions to date include:

  • Run a half-page ad in a travel magazine such as NorthWest Travel.
  • Run newspaper ads in local papers outside of Lewis County.
  • Run radio ads at radio stations outside of Lewis County.
  • Run a half-page ad in the Amtrak OnTrak magazine and offer discounted train travel.
  • Boost Facebook posts.
  • Repurpose the budget to sponsor the Christmas Market in the way that the CDA sponsors Antique Fest

WAYFINDING: The goal of this budget is to improve the wayfinding to and around downtown. Suggestions to date include:

  • Create a billboard near Great Wolf Lodge to inform visitors of our historic downtown.
  • Add signage on Harrison and Main to direct users exiting the freeway to our historic downtown. (there is currently signage from the Mellen Street exit.)
  • Add signage on I5 from the north and south. (There is existing signage.)

Please use the comments below to provide your feedback and additional suggestions. This will be a topic for discussion with the general membership in our next General Meeting on Monday, August 21st.

Thanks in advance for your time!