The Centralia Downtown Association hosts a variety of events throughout the year made possible by a number of generous sponsors. We are always looking for continued sponsor support for our two largest annual events:

Summerfest Parade – 4th of July (will resume in 2022)

Lighted Tractor Parade – December

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum: Entire Event Sponsorship: $5000+

Advantages: The Primary Banner for the Event will only have the Event Sponsor’s logo on it. Event Sponsor’s logo will be on every printed promotional item, named in any radio, TV, and newspaper spots, and in all social media advertisement.

Gold: General Fund Sponsorship: $1000-$4999

Advantages: A General Fund Sponsor’s logo will be on every event’s printed flyer and will have a separate vinyl banner displayed at every event, social media, and on our website.

Silver: Stage Sponsorship per event: $500-$999

Advantages: The Stage Sponsor’s logo will be on a “Brought to you By:” vinyl banner attached to the front of the stage, and will be on the event flyer.

Bronze: Choose from any of the following: $200-$499

Promotional Items Sponsorship per event (printing fees for banners/flyers, etc).
Advantages: Sponsor’s logo will be on the event flyer.
Hand washing Station and Portables Sponsorship per event.
Advantages: Sponsor’s logo will be on the event flyer and a small vinyl banner will be printed and posted next to the items
Radio Advertisement Sponsorship per event.
Advantages: Sponsor will be named during radio spot, and included on printed flyers.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, the Pine Street Plaza or a specific item during an event, please contact us at  (360) 562-0194, email us at, or message us on Facebook.
You can also sponsor directly through PayPal using the button below.