Mission Accomplished!

We wrapped up the Merchant Academy a little over two weeks ago. Since then, the CDA Board has received some really positive feedback and we are excited to keep the conversation going.

There are so many to thank for making this idea a reality. First and foremost, Jennifer Krueger. While I am sure that the CPD is sad to lose her as a Community Service Officer, it makes me so happy that she has joined the downtown merchant community. She is a positive force in our downtown and none of this would have happened without her. Please join me in supporting her in her new endeavor, owner and operator of Across the Street Antiques at 113 N Tower! Thank you to Chief Nielsen for handing this idea over to Jennifer and letting her run with it and thank you for getting the rest of your team involved. Thank you to all of the CPD Officers that volunteered their time to this effort – Commander Denham, Sergeant Clary, Officer Sims, Officer Slotnick, and Commander Fitzgerald. Thank you to Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Meyers, and City Attorney Shannon Murphy-Olson. And thank you to Kyle Dennehy from Cascade Mental Health. Thank you to Jack Brandt for being a part of the dreaming to make this happen and the execution. We appreciate all of the time that each of you committed to making this a reality. And last, but not least, thank you to our downtown merchants and residents. You guys make me proud to be a part of this community.

Even though I was involved in the development of the academy, there were still so many things that I learned. For one, Reserve Office Sims sounds like a wookie when he gets tazed, and Commissioner Fund is no joke. You have to love a government official that will get tazed in public. And the Chief, Jennifer and Jack should never be allowed to scheme together. You guys aren’t funny.  Ok fine..maybe a little funny.

But I think my most eye opening experience came from some of our attendees. Our Centralia Timberland Library is full of superheros! Those ladies and gentlemen are not only curators of literature, they are stewards of our community. The work they do with and for our homeless population really blows me away. The people that work at our library make me want to be a better person. (And yes, I promise I will go get my library card very soon!)

So what next?

Keep it going! Come to our next CDA General Meeting (6PM at the Oly Club Green Room) and share what’s happening downtown. During the Merchant Academy, we identified some areas we can work on as a community, specifically doing a better job of sharing what is happening downtown to make sure we are all safe and secure. If you have any concerns or anything to share, there will be an opportunity at the start of the meeting. You can always find information on our next meetings on the Meetings & Minutes page.

Come to the Citizens Academy. If you liked the Merchant Academy and you want to dive deeper, join me and sign up for the Citizens Academy. It starts March 5th and runs for eight weeks. There are all kinds of interesting things we didn’t do like ride alongs and trips to the range.

Keep up with the CPD. Like and follow the Centralia PD on Facebook.

Volunteer for National Night Out. If you are interested in paying back the effort, Jennifer is looking for volunteers to help with National Night Out in August. Last year was amazing, let’s help her make it even better this year!

Get a library card! Ok, maybe that next step is just for me…

Thanks all!
Tory Graf
Centralia Downtown Association