Lighted Tractor Parade Feedback

This year’s Lighted Tractor Parade was bigger than ever and we want to hear your feedback on how to grow and improve for next year! Please give us your comments below.


  • Barbara Salewsky

    I have had feedback regarding crowds, and issues with children in the street. I believe we may have to move to a gate, barricade system for safety. the other issue is traffic leaving, I think we need to have traffic directors to keep traffic moving and minimize jams. it might be a great idea to get rid of candy all together. that is where the kids are getting into the street. but I can give you more ideas on that.

  • Jan, great parade, THANKS for talking to me at the parade about not entering on Ash. Because of the direction I was coming from I didn’t think it was safe to do it any other way.Rules are good but there are exceptions, like the number of lights on displays. The little house rv did not have any lights on the tow vehicle this year or last, yet they participated. Good job Dave

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